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Sparkle and Shine at Homecoming

With Homecoming right around the corner, what better way to make it a memorable night than by having a stunning dress? We at WatchmaCallit have gathered some of our most eye-catching dresses to ensure you sparkle and shine at Homecoming. Let’s check them out!

Sherri Hill #53051

In Sherri Hill’s new Fall 2020 collection, you will find this classic dress with a twist. In this sequined and beaded dress, you will sparkle all over! With the V-neckline and beaded fringe, this dress reminds us of the fun and flirty dresses of the 1920s. 

Sherri Hill #52992

In this next dress, you are sure to stand out from the crowd! Sherri Hill has brought us this sleeveless, fitted dress that is perfect for dancing all night. This dress has a high neckline with a beaded length that leads to a slit hem. 

Sherri Hill #53117

This mock two-piece from Sherri Hill has many beautiful details that we can’t wait to show you! Sparkling beads in a striped pattern cover both the top and the skirt. Adding a sassy balance, one side of this dress is sleeveless while the other has a cut-out.

Sherri Hill #53962 

We absolutely adore this rose gold glimmering dress from Sherri Hill. The is dress has a strapless neckline that is met with a sparkling bodice and skirt. This is the perfect dress for a warmer Homecoming night since it has a strap-up back that provides breathability. 

Sherri Hill #53951

Perfect for a chilly Homecoming night is this gold Homecoming dress from Sherri Hill. Covered in sparkly beads and featuring a V-neck, this dress is an eye-catching piece. A detail that makes this dress even more fun is the V-shaped hem! 

We have made this list for those that want to sparkle and shine all of Homecoming. You can view our amazing collection of Homecoming dresses online and in-store!

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