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Icy Blue Gowns

This winter, we’re loving ice blue, perfect for the chilly weather. The color looks amazing on everyone, and will totally dazzle at all of your holiday events this year. See some of these gorgeous designs below: 


53988 by Sherri Hill



This short, icy blue cocktail dress is perfect for winter. The pale blue gives you the cool look you’re dreaming of, while the scattered rhinestones throughout add a shimmer that’ll have you looking like a snowflake. 


54262 by Sherri Hill



For the girl who wants a more boho winter look, this all-over lace, one-shoulder gown has exactly what you’re looking for. The delicate lace creates a romantic texture with its floral details, while the one-shoulder neckline and slit give it a fun twist.


53665 by Sherri Hill



This ball gown is perfect for the girl who wants to have her Cinderella moment. The simple, sleek style and subtle shimmer gives you that princess-like look, while the classic silhouette and neckline ensure this design is completely timeless. 


54390 by Sherri Hill



Want something unique and bohemian? This light blue dress has decadent gold beading and a sheer tulle cape that makes it totally unique. For the boho girl, this dress is perfect!

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