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How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your life. You want to make sure you look and feel your best! You may feel overwhelmed at the multitude of prom dresses you have available to pick from. WhatchamaCallit, located in Dallas and Fort Worth, is here to help! 

You want to make sure you find a beautiful dress that fits right and is the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. You may want to pick a color that highlights your best features, embellishments that complete your overall look, and ultimately, a dress that reflects your unique style. Let us guide you through the steps of finding your perfect prom dress for your unforgettable night!

Before we begin, make sure to start your search for the perfect prom dress a few weeks before your event to have time for alterations, if necessary. Further, it is important to have a few selections in mind because the last thing you want is to be placing an order for the dress of your dreams only to find out it is out of stock.

We want you to get some inspiration! Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to get an idea of what former WhatchamaCallit girls have fashioned for their special prom night and see how amazing they looked!

Tips For Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Fit – The first step to finding the perfect prom dress is understanding your body type. Do you want to accentuate a particular feature? WhatchamaCallit’s Sherri Hill collections are focused on fitting the female form, and Jovani and Alyce Paris feature the mermaid dress and two piece looks—hot styles in demand this year! Try on different styles to find the one that best compliments your figure. Have a friend help you out!

*Quick tip: Make sure your dress form-fitting, but not too tight. You don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions on your special night! Buying a dress a size up and going for alterations is often a way to go.

Color – Do you want to go for a sophisticated black, a soft spring color, or a bold hue that shouts “daring”? WhatchamaCallit carries collections for Prom 2017 by top designers like Tarik Ediz with beautiful spring colors and elegant designs, Morilee, with feminine, floral designs, and Madison James with bold, playful colors. La Femme captures the French and European sense of beauty with their elegant colors and designs. They suggest burgundy and pink dresses this year if you want to venture away from a classic neutral look. Try a range of colors to find which accentuates your best features!

Embellishments – WhatchamaCallit has Texas’ largest selection of dresses with embellishments to make your look more playful and fun. Top designers, Madison JamesAlyce Paris, and more feature dresses with sparkling rhinestones and sequins to add something special to your look! You’ll be sure to find a glamorous dress that will wow everyone at your prom.


*Quick tip: If you want to go for a simpler look, playing up a dress with accessories is the way to go!

Comfort and Personality – Lastly, you want to pick a dress for prom that’s unique and aligns with your personal style! Your prom night should be unforgettable and all about you. Your dress should reflect this! Make sure you feel comfortable with the style and color you pick—unless you’re feeling daring—and you’ll be sure to feel elegant and beautiful on your special night.

Now that you have the tips to find your perfect prom dress, it’s time to get started. Remember to look for a great fit, a beautiful color that plays up your best features, a dress with embellishments if you want that extra special quality, and remember to go for a dress that you feel your best in! WhatchamaCallit is here for you along your journey!

Want to find your perfect dress right now? Shop at our store online or at our Dallas and Fort Worth locations to find the perfect look for your special prom night!

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  1. Pennie Calder

    Me & my 18 year old daughter had the best experience while shopping for her prom dress, & we owe it all to Tracy Kapalan the sales associate who helped us the entire time! So I just want to say a big thanks to her!!! 😊

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