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Homecoming 2021: Trends We Are Loving

With homecoming around the corner, we’re getting so excited for all the beautiful dresses our clients will buy this year. As we enter a new season, new trends on dresses are showing up right and left, and we can’t wait to show them to you. For girls looking to make a statement at hoco this year, we’ve got the latest trends to ensure you make an entrance at the dance this year. Read on to see our favorite 2021 homecoming trends!


Daring Necklines

53082 by Sherri Hill



Simple yet bold, the plunging neckline can take an otherwise understated dress to the next level. Adding a sultry detail to your dress, this look is perfect for girls who want something classic with a trendy twist. We love the way this Sherri Hill dress adds to the drama with an electric pink, giving this simple silhouette a fun, modern look that pairs perfectly with the dramatic neckline. 

Stunning Sequins

4376 by Alyce Paris



Love anything that sparkles? You’ll be head over heels for the all-over sequin trend, with dresses that sparkle and shine every time you move. This glamorous trend looks amazing on everyone, and can’t help but turn heads as you walk by. This Alyce Paris design even adds to the look with a multicolor, holographic sequin that shifts from blue to pink as you move, making this a can’t miss dress. 

Bold Skirts

JVN05270 by Jovani



Dreaming of a bold look, but still want something timeless? This trend is exactly what you’re looking for. Classic dresses with full, A-line skirts to make the statement have become a popular design in homecoming fashion. This Jovani dress has a timeless strapless bodice paired with a flirty, full skirt to stand out. The sleek pink fabric gives the dress a modern twist with its bold, slightly reflective pink, complementing the flirtatious skirt perfectly.

Fun Feathers

04042 by Jovani



For girls seeking something truly unique, we have the answer: feathers. While it may sound like a lot, feathers can be both fun and chic, giving your dress the perfect eye-catching drama. Take a look at this Jovani design: the feathered skirt gives the dress gorgeous texture and movement without overpowering the entire dress, simply adding a gorgeous look to the skirt. Outgoing and fun, we can’t get enough of the feather trend. 

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