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Homecoming 101

We all know prom is the biggest social event of the year, but homecoming doesn’t fall far behind. Homecoming is an annual tradition for American high schools centered around a football game, with a lot of other activities that vary from school to school. It’s is a time to celebrate with your school and your peers! It’s a great way to bond with teachers and the people in your classes that you may not spend time with outside of school, and you want to make sure you’re feeling your best on your special homecoming night. WhatchamaCallit in Dallas and Fort Worth can help!

What is Homecoming exactly?

Homecoming Spirit Week – Each day of the week has a theme, and students dress up accordingly. Themes include Superhero day, Pajama day, Twin day, Opposite day, Wacky day and more. On Friday—the day of the Pep Rally and Homecoming Game—students wear the school colors, and in Texas, dates exchange “mums” and “garters”. Some schools have spirit competitions between grade levels to build energy and spirit before the big game.

Homecoming Pep Rally and Parade – The Homecoming Pep Rally and Parade are typically held on the day of the Homecoming Football Game. Students will get out of their last class early and head to the gym or football field to participate. Senior football players celebrate their careers, and dancers, cheerleaders, color guard, and the marching band perform for the school. Some teachers even join in on the fun and perform for students as well.

Homecoming Game – The Pep Rally pumps students and players up for the big game. Before the game, the Homecoming Court enters the field and the Homecoming King and Queen are announced. The Homecoming Court is group of nominated students who are usually involved in school clubs and social activities. The football game is a highlight for many, as students and members of the community get competitive and cheer on their school’s team.

Homecoming Dance – For many WhatchamaCallit girls, the Homecoming Dance is the highlight of the week! The dance brings the entire school together to have a great time partying and socializing. It’s the perfect time to wear a gorgeous gown or a beautiful short dress. Short dresses are in fashion for Homecoming for the schools that consider the event “semi-formal”.

Types of Homecoming Dresses

Formal Gowns and Prom-Style Dresses  – The Homecoming Dance is typically a semi-formal event, but don’t let that stop you from rocking a long, formal dress on the special night! WhatchamaCallit girls choose anything from form-fitting elegant gowns, to prom-style full-skirt dresses.

Two-piece Look – The two piece is one of the hottest looks right now and can be worn at Homecoming in long or short styles.

Form-fitting Dresses – A short, form-fitting dress is sure to wow your friends!

Short Homecoming Dresses – Our WhatchamaCallit girls generally choose a shorter dress for Homecoming. Whether it’s fitted or flare, it’s a fun and flirty option that everyone will love!

WhatchamaCallit is here to make your Homecoming Dance a night to remember by providing you with a range of beautiful dresses and gowns for your special event! Check out our homecoming dresses by top designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Tarik Ediz, Madison James, Morilee, Alyce Paris, La Femme, and more for the latest homecoming fashions!

Want to find your perfect homecoming dress right now? Shop at our store online or at our Dallas and Fort Worth locations to find the perfect look for your special homecoming event!

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