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Halloween Favorites

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The air is finally getting that slight fall chill, the leaves are changing, and it marks the beginning of the holiday season. Not to mention—who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up! If you’re anything like us, you love a Halloween costume that’s fun but also lets you look cute, so we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to turn a party dress into a Halloween costume. 



4421 by Alyce Paris



The easiest costume? Add a witch’s hat to a little black dress. A witch doesn’t have to be green and ugly—you can turn this costume into a fun, cute look if you want! A pointed hat and some green eyeshadow makes it very clear what you’re supposed to be, and you likely have everything but the hat on hand for this costume. 



4378 by Alyce Paris



More of a girly-girl and not crazy about an all-black look? This holographic glitter dress is the perfect base for a fairy. Shimmering and magical, with the addition of wings this dress is an adorable fairy costume. Depending on your personal preference, you could add flowers to your hair, body glitter, or anything else you want to make the dress fit your idea of a fairy. 



54417 by Sherri Hill



Couldn’t get enough of Gatsby when your English teacher assigned it? Why not go as a flapper this Halloween! This gorgeous, shimmering dress from Sherri Hill is covered in fringe, giving it the perfect vintage-inspired 1920’s look. With a smokey eye and the right headband, you’ve got the Daisy Buchanan flapper look down. 



4479 by Ashley Lauren



Want something easy, elegant, and magical? With wings and a halo, this shimmering white romper can become the perfect angel costume. You’ll glow all night, and this costume is sure to be completely elegant. 


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