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7 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Prom Dress!

It’s almost February, which means that prom season is upon us! Have you started your search for the perfect dress? If you haven’t yet, you should soon!

Prom can seem like one of the most important nights in high school because it is often the first time a teen gets to dress up like a movie star and attend a fancy party, which means finding the perfect dress can make your night as unforgettable as it should be! Since there are prom dresses available in endless combinations of colors, styles and silhouettes, dress shopping often becomes the most stressful part of the prom planning process- all of the choices can simply get overwhelming!

If you’re eager to get started on your search for the perfect dress, but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered! We’ve come up with some tips to help you find the perfect dress so you can stop stressing and start having fun! After all, that’s what prom is all about!

  1. Get Inspired & Have A Style In Mind

    Boho is a super popular style this year!

    A lot of girls already have an idea of the kind of prom dress they are interested in before they begin searching for their gown, which will definitely make the process easier once they start visiting stores and trying on dresses.

    If you have no idea what kinds of dresses are even out there, don’t worry! Inspiration can come from anywhere, including magazines, fashion websites, blogs, Instagram, and even movies and TV shows! The theme of the event can also serve as great inspiration for a dress- A navy or black dress with glittering embellishments can be great for “A Night Under the Stars,” and a beaded sheath dress with fun fringe would be perfect for a “Great Gatsby” themed prom! So, no matter where you get your inspiration, have fun searching and discovering prom styles you love!

    If you want to come to the store feeling more prepared, we definitely recommend browsing some of our options online first, and even bringing a list of potential dresses with you that you would like to try on. Take a look at our newest prom collections and see what you might like!

  2. Set A Budget

    Once you’re in the middle of your search for the perfect prom dress, it can be easy to forget about numbers and just go for whatever you like best. However, having a set budget in mind for your whole prom look is actually a great way to help narrow down potential options because it will filter out anything that is simply out of your budget, making it a lot more manageable to find your perfect prom dress if you adhere to your limit. Not only will you feel less overwhelmed, your bank account will also thank you!

  3. Choose the Silhouette That’s Right for You

    One of the most important decisions you have to make about your prom dress is what silhouette, or shape, you would like to wear. The most popular silhouettes include ballgown, A-line, mermaid and fitted sheath. What silhouette you choose depends on a couple of factors like what styles you are interested in, how you would like the dress to move, and even your body type, depending on what you would like to highlight.

    The silhouette you choose for your dress will likely depend on how you define your personal style. If you love super girly looks, then a ballgown silhouette might make you feel like the fairy tale princess you aspire to be! If you like to wear bold, trendy looks, then a more fitted silhouette, like a mermaid or a sheath, might be right for you. If you’re more laid back, a flowing A-line silhouette would be the perfect choice!

    Movement is also really important- If you’re planning on doing a lot of dancing at prom, you might want to go with a more flowing silhouette, like a ballgown or an A-line. If you don’t really plan on doing much dancing, then fitted silhouettes will be easier to manage!

    While anyone with any body type can rock any dress silhouettes, there are certain silhouettes that help to highlight or camouflage different features of the figure. If you would like to emphasize your waist and curves, a fitted silhouette like a mermaid gown would be the perfect choice of prom dress! If you have strong, broad shoulders and would like to bring more of a balanced look to the body, a dress with a full skirt will definitely help! Anything with a defined waist will help to flatter any figure, which makes the A-line silhouette one of the best choices of silhouette in terms of comfort and versatility.

    See an example of each silhouette below:





  4. Choose A Color

    While this choice may not be as important as the silhouette, it is still something you will probably put a lot of thought into before settling on your prom dress pick. Colors have a huge impact on the overall personality, image, and mood of the dress, so you can definitely pick one to correspond to what kind of vibe you are going for. Dark colors project a sense of chic and elegance. A yellow dress will have a happy, fun vibe. A red dress feels bold and confident, while a pastel dress feels romantic and dreamy. There is a color to match any style or vibe!

    You can also choose a color based on what is popular- this season rich greens and light yellows are in! But above all, you should choose a color you love and that makes you feel amazing while wearing it!

  5. Try On a Variety of Dresses

    It’s definitely true when they say that you never know if you like something until you try it! When you finally visit a prom shop to find your dream prom dress, make sure to try on dresses in a variety of different styles, colors and silhouettes to make sure you find one you absolutely love! You may not think you like ballgowns until you try one on and feel how dreamy they really are! Prom shoppers will try on an average of 8 dresses before settling on “the one,” so definitely don’t feel pressured to buy the first one you get your hands on!

  6. Give Yourself Enough Time

    It’s important that you have enough time to find your prom dress, since it can sometimes be a lengthy process. Most girls will start shopping three months before prom night, which we think is a great idea! This gives you enough time to browse around and get a feel for all of the choices available, so you can make the best dress decision possible! It’s also helpful to allow enough time for alterations, in case you need to change the dress to fit better!

  7. Know Your School Rules

    While this may not be on the forefront of your mind while prom dress shopping, it’s super important because it can narrow down which dress styles you should look at. Some schools won’t allow dresses with open backs or strapless necklines, so knowing exactly what your school will allow for prom will help you find the right dress that won’t get you in trouble!

To view this season’s latest prom styles and start your prom shopping journey, visit the Whatchamacallit website! You can also visit us in-store at Whatchamacallit Boutique in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas– we would love to help you find your dream prom dress!

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