Lace Gowns Perfect for a Romantic Evening

There is a reason why lace has remained one of the most popular materials for formal dresses through the centuries- it's so beautiful and the intricate detailing of it makes it perfect for creating an unforgettable look that feels both luxurious and deeply romantic because of the frilly, floral look CONTINUE READING

Classic, Black Dresses Perfect for Any Formal Occasion

Trends come and go and change with the seasons, so you never know when a prom or pageant dress that is considered super stylish one season, might be totally lame the next. If you're looking for a formal dress that will withstand the test of time, then there is one CONTINUE READING

Dresses with Dramatic Backs to Wow at Any Angle!

"Business in the front, party in the back" isn't just for that one hairstyle we all love to hate- It can also be used to describe any dress that has a breathtaking, dramatic back that definitely steals the show! We love when dresses have dramatic backs because you can make CONTINUE READING

Luxurious Dresses Perfect for Pageant

Pageant dresses are notoriously over-the-top glamorous because pageants are all about becoming your best self and making a huge impression- so the more glitz, the better! It's your big night, so why not go for something truly luxurious and unforgettable? We've chosen some of our favorite, most glamorous dresses that CONTINUE READING