The Perfect Boho Dresses to Liven Up Your Summer

Summer is in full swing and we're all about that relaxing, summer lifestyle! Since summer is all about unwinding and spending some much-needed time in the sun, it definitely calls for a more relaxed, carefree style- which is where bohemian chic comes in! Boho style is all about channeling that CONTINUE READING

Fantastic, Fitted Formal Dresses to Flatter Your Figure

There are few silhouettes that are as versatile and timeless as the fitted silhouette. Not only does it work for pretty much any type of special event, regardless of the level of formality, they can also accentuate your natural curves and make you look and feel amazing! If you have CONTINUE READING

Win on Pageant Night in Dazzling White Dresses

Pageant night is your chance to show off how amazing you are and dazzle the crowd with a gorgeous dress- which is why pageant dresses usually incorporate extra glamorous details to help you stand out and make your look over-the top! While pageant dress trends have shifted over time, a CONTINUE READING

Lace Gowns Perfect for a Romantic Evening

There is a reason why lace has remained one of the most popular materials for formal dresses through the centuries- it's so beautiful and the intricate detailing of it makes it perfect for creating an unforgettable look that feels both luxurious and deeply romantic because of the frilly, floral look CONTINUE READING